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New "Stat" Gives the Big's the Credit They Deserve

By OPFL Staff, 05/18/17, 8:45PM EDT


Time after time, "skilled positions" are given all of the credit for the team successes. Not to discredit them by any means, but there is always one group of players who don't get their names announced and are rarely considered when awards like "Offensive Player of the Game" or "Defensive Player of the Year" are given out - The Big's!

The Big's are the offensive and defensive linemen who get beat-up and work their tails off on each and every down of a football game. There is no rest for them. They are rarely given public credit at games when they do well, but we sure do hear about it when they miss their mark - raise your hand if you've ever heard a fan yell "O-Line, where's the blocks?".

That is why we have created this unofficial football stat called The Trenches. By assigning a point value to the legitimate statistics that are collected in the games (Yards Per Carry and Sacks), we are able to rank the Offensive and Defensive linemen by unit. The nature of the trenches is teamwork and ensuring that everyone does their job. We want to recognize the teams whose Trench-Men are indeed working as a unit to ensure that their team succeeds.

We understand that there are likely some flaws to the system, but we wanted to use this public platform to give these units the credit they deserve. 

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