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Premier Varsity

Changes to Trenches Calculation for Varsity

Hello, due to an imbalance of games I need to adjust how we will determine the YTD leaders. What I am doing I summing up all points earned each week, then dividing by games played.  Therefore ranking is based on Avg/Trench Points per game.  The Maximum per week are as follows

Team = 20, Offense and Defense each 10


Overall Team Season To Date Totals

Ottawa Sooners Holding Golden Shovel after 5 Weeks

Ottawa has owned the top spot all year. Looking at the numbers there is no doubt why they are 5-0. They are averaging 5.91 Net Yards per Carry and +18 in the Net Sack Category.  This means they are rushing 5.9 yards per carry better than opponent and have 18 more sacks than they have given up. The next 4 positions are a dog fight with 3 clubs within 0.8 points per game average. Cambridge sits in the #2 position on the merit of the +9 Sack ratio. This edges them just ahead of London at #3 and Essex at #4 both sitting with 11 pts per game on average.  At #5 is the Niagara Spears , than the rest of top 10 is Mississauga, Durham, Hamilton, Cumberland, and Guelph respectively.

There is no doubt that strong trench play reflects in team success as the teams at top of this list find themselves at the tops of the standings for the most part.



Offensive Season To Date Standings

Ottawa Sooners Offensive Line Season Leaders

The Sooners YPC jumped back up over 10 after the last two weeks. The Sooners Ground Attack has been relentless turning out 10.28 Yards per Carry and only allowing 7 Sacks on the year has this team well ahead in the Trenches Offensive Standing as they have realized on average 8.4 of the possible 10 points per game.  No Surprise the Essex Ravens Offensive line is sitting right there at the top as well as they have ground out 6.78 Yards per Carry over 148 carries.  Behind the Ravens sit 3 clubs within 0.4 points of each other. The Lions sit at the #3 Spot just 0.1 pts ahead of Niagara, while Mississauga has leapt up the Trenches Rankings to the # 5 Spot with 5.2. Beyond that London, Cumberland and Durham all sit with 5.0 pts per game.


Defensive Season To Date Standings

Cambridge Lions Defensive Front Leaders after 3 weeks

After 5 Weeks the Lions still hold down top spot in the Defensive Front Rankings. They sit only 0.4 pts ahead of Ottawa who is closing in . The top 5 is rounded out by London who's defense has help propel them to a 5-0 start to the year, while 2nd Place Essex sits at # 4 just ahead of Niagara and Mississauga