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Mid Season Report - Comments from our VP

By OPFL Staff, 06/20/17, 6:45PM EDT


To the members of the OPFL,

As we head in to our last few weeks of competition I wanted to send a brief message expressing my pride and gratitude that our OPFL Executive have towards all players, coaches, volunteers, and fans. You have all exceeded our expectations for this season with the level of sportsmanship your players have shown on and off of the field, with how cordial the home teams and organizations have been week in and week out, and how respectable you’ve acted after your wins and losses. Have there been some incidents, sure. We’re operating in the highest level of minor sports, there will always be one-off incidents. But overall, you have made the OPFL exactly what it was dreamed up to be, and we cannot thank you enough.

We have fewer games left this season that we have played – believe it or not. We ask that you continue to lead by example and make this league as great as it can be. We’re only as great as our members and thus far, you have not disappointed.

Let’s finish this inaugural season strong!


Bill Martindale

Executive Vice President

Ontario Provincial Football League