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Regional Rep/Minor Travel (AA) Division is Ready for 2017

By OPFL Staff, 02/23/17, 12:30PM EST


The OPFL Executive and AA Centers division met this past weekend to lay out the structure of what the 10- Center division will look like.

The OPFL Regional Rep (AA) Division will be composed of 10-Centers with various teams per age group. Many of the Centers are playing both (AAA) and (AA) for 2017, giving more athletes the opportunity to play football.  All games will be played with 12-minute quarters with 4-downs in Atom through Junior Varsity age divisions, and 3-downs in the Varsity age division.

These divisions will be separated into two categories:

Regional Rep: will be used to refer the Bantam, Jr Varsity and Varsity will see the Premier divisions (AA) Teams competing against the OPFL (AA) teams.

Minor Travel: will be used to refer to the Atom and PeeWee Division where they will compete against other teams in a combined OFA managed program for 2017.  

While the detailed schedule will not be released until another date, the 2017 season will run from the May 20th weekend until the August 5-7th weekend for our Regional Rep age Divisions, while the Minor Travel will wrap up on approximately July 15th. Teams are still signing up for the Regional Rep and Minor Travel divisions and have until March 1st to do so.

Similar to the (AAA) division, the Regional Rep Championships will have a League Champion and a T.Litzen Cup Champion. The T.Litzen Cup will award Centers with merit points for games won and demerit points for breaking our founding principals of sportsmanship and administrative excellence. While the League Championships will take place among all age divisions, T. Litzen Cup prizes are awarded to all Centers based on the collective points from all of the teams belonging to the Center. The prizes are gift certificates ranging in value for T. Litzen Sports so that the Centers can use their winnings towards new equipment, uniforms, apparel, or otherwise to better their program.  

Bill Martindale, Executive Vice President of the OPFL hosted the meeting on February 18th and stated that, “we are very grateful for the patience that the football community has had over the past few months while we were sorting out these details. We want to ensure that what we are providing the community with truly has the players best interests in mind at all time”.

The Premier Division is set to kick-off on May 12-14th at three venues in Southwestern Ontario and the Regional Rep Division will be kicking-off the weekend after. “We hope that the staggered start of the two divisions will allow families to be able to attend all games and show support for the players regardless of which division they are playing in”, said Martindale.