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Varsity East

Mississauga vs. Durham

The Mississauga Warriors got back on track this past week beating Cumberland 32-30 in what turned out to be a great high scoring game. The Mississauga offense finally found its 2nd and 3rd gear putting up over 400 yards and 32 points looking like they may have broken out of their shell a little bit. QB Alex Brophy didn't have a stellar game in terms of completion percentage, only completing 7/23 but he threw for 181 yards and 4 scores on just 7 completions. Isaac Crawford and Joshua Jack continued their great seasons by each catching two passes for 50+ yards and a score. Romario Brown and his offensive line had themselves a day rushing 31 times for 252 yards and the success they had on the ground made things easy all day long for the Warriors offense; being balanced works wonders and is a necessity against good football teams. The Warriors defense had another great game in terms of having everyone contribute and make plays towards the victory with 15+ guys registering a tackle on the weekend. In terms of yardage and points Mississauga will need to be better and play the way they started the season, the Warriors leaders Christopher Taggert and Harnoor Dhaliwal have been good all season long tackling opposing runners as well as collecting turnovers for this Warriors defense. 

Durham struggled again this past week against the Sooners much like most others who have played Ottawa this year. Durham doesn't have a lot of guys on their bench and it hurts them as the game wears on having no depth. The Durham offense didn’t exactly do their part by only putting up a total of 73 yards offense - which I think everybody knows won't cut it against even average teams let alone the Sooners. Dolphins QB Deandre Rose will NEED to be better moving forward and I understand his offensive line isn't giving him the time or space that any QB needs to be successful, but at some point your best players need to make plays and Rose is that for the Dolphins. Durham has playmakers on the outside but most games is unable to get them involved heavily and it’s tough because those are their best players (Trey Bryden, Aton Oneil and Yusseuf Bowers-Lee). The run game of the Dolphins has been pretty much non-existent all season and that also makes Rose's live more difficult because the defense can sit back on second down and not worry about the run game one bit. On defense the Dolphins have a hard time like I mentioned earlier with lack of depth it’s hard to have fresh pass rushers or when people get injured you need to put offensive guys in and going both ways in this league just won't cut it. The front 7 of the Dolphins needs to improve because if you allow teams to tee off in the run game it makes everything more difficult for everyone in terms of field position, play calling options for their coach, and it especially makes it hard on their DBs always needing to be in man coverage. The Dolphins actually rush the passer at a successful rate, Van Wishort has 2 sacks this year and James Stockwood has 3 but Durham needs to turn this pass rush into turnovers they as a team have not forced nearly enough turnovers which has not given their talented offense any extra possessions.

Mississauga is the better and deeper football team and I expect their defense to bounce back after a lackluster performance against Cumberland. If Durham can get some pass protection and run game from their OL this could be a GOTW candidate but I don't see that happening. 

Week 7 prediction: Warriors 28 - Dolphins 7 

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