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Game Score Sheet


The OFA has a special incident report form for all members to use in the event of an incident at an OFA sanctioned football event. Please use this form in the event of an incident (example, injured player, physical and non-physical altercations with a player, coach, volunteer, official or parent).

The Incident Report form should be kept for your records. The form is an important step whether a claim is being submitted to the insurance company or not. This information is very important in the event that a claim should be taken to the courts.

Statistics Templates

Please use the following two Statistics Worksheets for the 2017 OPFL season.

The Offense and Defense sheets attached are the minimum information required for submitting statistics to the OPFL.

Teams may opt to use their own extended stats forms but please be advised you must be able to record the minimum stats required by the league as outlined on the attached worksheets.

Please keep your completed hand written stats worksheets on file as they may called upon for review by the league.

Stats How to Guide

Welcome to the Step-By-Step guide to using the OPFL statistics entry Module.

Here you will find complete instructions to make the entry process as easy as 1-2-3.

Team Manager Quick Reference Guide

Welcome Team Managers

The attached guide will provide you with information to assist you on managing your duties.  Please take a moment to download and review the guide.

As always do not hesitate to contact your Regional Director for any help.