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OFA Rule 2017 - Simultaneous Participation

Ontario Provincial Football League
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March 20th, 2017

OFA Rule Change for 2017 and Impact on OPFL:

Attention Club Governors: Please note the following from Football Canada / OFA. For 2017 Season, players will be prohibited from playing simultaneously in 2 Tackle Football Seasons. As this is effective immediately it will impact your club if you live in a region which has Spring High School Football or any other Tackle Football such as house league as a player cannot participate in both.
This is the Clubs responsibility to ensure they are conforming to the rules. If a player is discovered to be participating in both this will be viewed by the OPFL as an Illegal Player. This violation carries a 5 demerit point value. If it is discovered that this was known and organization or coach were trying to keep from being known further penalties may be sanctioned under the Sportsmanship rules.
A player however may register for both, however cannot participate in games or physically participate in practices as long as they are participating in the other. A player may participate in meetings and watch practices.
As this is a safety matter I assume all clubs will take full measure to ensure they are conforming to this rule.

Thank You,

Bill Martindale
Executive Vice President
Ontario Provincial Football League