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Administration Rules

Administration Manual

Ontario Provincial Football League (OPFL)

Administration Manual


Clubs, Governors, Team Managers, Executive Council


Premier League – Bantam, Junior Varsity, Varsity

Regional Rep AA/A– Junior Varsity, Bantam


Each Club Center will designate one Governor for their organization.

The Governor will be the primary contact person for organizations communication with league administrators. Correspondence, meetings, grievances and other issues will be communicated to the Governor for forwarding to their Team Managers.

It is recommended each Club Center purchases the current version of “The Canadian Amateur Rule Book for Tackle Football” known and referred to as the “White Book”.


Each Club Center will designate one Team Manager for each of their teams.

The Team Managers will be responsible for the team’s administration and game reports (game sheets, game day rosters, and statistics) and the submitting/posting of such on the OPFL website portal.

The Team Managers are to contact each other prior to game day to provide information and assistance regarding such items as: exchanging paperwork, location of warm-up area, dressing rooms, water sources, gate procedures, parking and any applicable location related items.


Coaches and volunteers are required to be registered through the Football Canada/OFA National Registry Program and all fees paid for the calendar year of participation.  Coaches and volunteers who have not fulfilled this obligation are not covered for participation in any team practices or games, and therefore are deemed ineligible.


Varsity - Born in 1998, 1999, 2000

Junior Varsity – Born in 2001 or 2002

Bantam – Born in 2003 or 2004


Players, Coaches, & Volunteers register through the Football Canada/OFA website,, BEFORE they take part in any camp, clinic, practice, game or tryouts consisting of more than 2 practices. Registration is currently open for 2017.

Club Centers are responsible for verifying participant’s registration through the OFA/FC portal.

The OFA will be sending you a list of your registered players monthly (or upon request) to ensure your volunteers, coaches and players are registered. The player will also receive a registration ID once they are registered that they provide to their Club Centers as confirmation of registration. If your Club Center is using the Goalline software, available at no additional cost to OFA Club members, they will have access to all the information in the back end of the system and will not require the OFA’s assistance to access said information.

Players may not appear on two or more team rosters in separate leagues at the same time, nor participate in any OFA sanctioned League game for two different teams in the same scheduled playing season with the following exception:

a)Team Ontario and Team Canada participation.

2017 Expansion Provisions for Ottawa Region:

This addition to OPFL Administrative Rules for 2017 will be put in place to manage the impact of the acceptance of the expansion club the Ottawa Sooners.

The Ottawa Region will be divided into East and West based on the NCAFA Territories outlined below.

2017 Conditions are as follows:

  1. Players on the Cumberland Panthers Rosters in 2016 will be ineligible to play for the Sooners for the 2017 Season.
  2. Each club can register players from the other region with limits below. This does not supersede Condition #1
    1. Varsity – 10 players
    2. Jr. Varsity – 10 players
    3. Bantam – 6 Players
  3. Any player released or cut from either club is deemed open to be registered and will not be counted against limits listed in Condition #2.

NCAFA Team Splits are as follow:

Ottawa Sooners (West): Bel-Air Copeland Lions, Myers Riders, Nepean Eagles, Bell Warriors, Kanata Knights, West Carlton Wolverines, Bel-Air Norseman.

Cumberland Panthers (East): Cumberland Panthers, Orleans Bengals, Gloucester South Raiders, North Gloucester Giants, East Ottawa Generals, South Ottawa Mustangs.


All Club Centers must register their teams with the League office by the registration deadline.

Please Note:

  1. It is the responsibility of each Club Center to verify the registration requirements of their players. Club Centers are to record players Football Canada Registry number and proof of applicable fees paid.
  2. Players cannot participate in practices, scrimmages, exhibition games, or league games unless registration requirements have been met.
  3. Team Registrations begin January 1st for the calendar year spring/summer program.
  4. Upon completed registration, the player remains an OPFL Club Centers member through to August 31st of the current playing season.
  5. Once a player decides to register with a Club Center they are obligated to remain with the Club Center for the balance of the age level bracket.

Club Centers who register out of region players must:

  1. Not offer any financial aid or incentives;
  2. Must report out of region players to the OPFL office;
  3. Must provide proof of payment by the player and/or legal guardian.


The OPFL encourages players to remain in their home region. A home region is defined as the local area school board and/or region the player is enrolled in.

A registered player may request a release from his/her center to play with another center.  If granted a release the center will provide the player or his/her legal guardian with a signed release form. A copy is to be sent to the OPFL Secretary for documentation purposes.

A player cut from his Club Center team will be free to register with any other Club Center.

Any player that changes centers for whatever reason must clear up any fees or equipment that is outstanding to the previous center before they can register with any new center.


Club Centers shall have participants complete the “OFA WAIVER AND RELEASE” form downloadable from the website under forms.  Please keep these on file with your Club Centers’ Registrar.


The following parameters apply for Rosters.


Minimum (OFA RULE)













No cap



No cap



No cap



No cap


     * 9 side



No cap


Team Rosters are finalized and closed at the end of Week 3. There will be no additions permitted to Team Rosters after Week 3.

OFA rules are clear. Players may not participate in any two games with a 72-hour time period.


Players are expected to dress appropriately during the game. Helmets, jerseys, pants and socks should be uniformed. Number on the front and back of the jerseys must be in clear view of the officials and not hidden when tying back.  It is the visiting team’s responsibility to verify that their jersey is of significant contrast to the home team.


Premier Division: Eligible numbers are defined via White Book Rule 6 Article #5. All team players are identified by the following numbering system:

  • Eligible pass receivers - 1 to 49, 80-99
  • Ineligible pass receivers - 50 to 79

Regional Rep: To encourage multiple positional play and to support smaller rosters the Regional Rep Division will be encouraged however not mandated to follow White Book Rule 6 Article #5.


Game rosters are printed off the OPFL website. The official game roster lists each player in numerical order from the OPFL web site and all non-playing personnel, absent personnel are to be scratched off with a line through them. Each team will exchange rosters and submit one copy to the timekeeper before the game. These will be submitted to the league with the game score sheet.

Please note PREMIER LEAGUE rules for maximum roster limitations.


Side personnel are limited to Coaches, Volunteers and Medical/Trainor/Therapist personnel.

Coaches and Volunteers (Governors, Equipment Staff) must be registered through the OFA/FC National Registry and be paid in full for the calendar year.

Team statisticians must be registered through the OFA/FC National Registry.  Teams are limited to two statisticians per game on the sidelines. Statisticians may not enter opposing team’s bench area, nor interfere with time-keepers view, stick crew area, or referee’s ability to perform their duties.

Water/Hydration personnel are recognized as an important duty on each sideline.  These personnel should be covered by your respective clubs’ liability coverage and are not required to be registered with the OFA/FC National Registry.

It is advisable to hand write your water/hydration technicians (i.e. Water boys/girls) on your game day rosters.

The OPFL limits teams to two photographers, or media per team. They are not permitted in either team’s bench zones. They must also respect time keepers, stick crews and game official’s areas.




Ball Size and Composition



Size 9 “Official” / Leather

Jr. Varsity


Size 9 “Official” / Leather



Size 8 “Youth” / Leather


Regional Rep

Size 9 “Official” / Leather or Composite

Jr. Varsity

Regional Rep

Size 9 “Official” / Leather or Composite


Regional Rep

Size 8 “Youth” / Leather or Composite

Pee Wee

Regional Rep

Size 7 “Junior” / Leather or Composite


Regional Rep

Size 6 “Peewee” / Leather or Composite

  • Game Balls for the OPFL will be the Nike Vapor
  • Premier Division Ball shall be Leather
  • Regional Rep may be of leather or composite material
  • Two game balls will be provided by home team, and two by the visitor. The second balls will remain with the timekeeper or designated official area and will be used if one of the other balls goes out of immediate field area causing any delay.
  • The visiting team will use their own regulation ball as approved by the Referee.
  • Game balls will be labeled with team name and are subject to approval for use by the Referee.
  • The Home team is to provide one person to travel with stick crew to handle game balls along with a towel. 
  • Once a ball has been submitted and approved it shall remain as the team ball for the duration of the game at the referee’s discretion.


  • Email game sheets and game rosters to Divisional Director by Sunday Midnight.
  • Scores must be entered electronically by your team manager on the website by the home team at the end of game. Final score must be submitted within 2 hours of the end of the game. This website module will be made available as a “Mobile Phone App”.
  • The home team manager will provide the timekeeper the score sheets and rosters of the two teams.
  • After the game the home team manager will retrieve the game day documents from the timekeeper and provide a copy to visiting team manager via email or text message within 24 hours. Do not discard. File for future reference.

·         PREMIER LEAGUE ONLY: Dressing and showers must be available for visiting teams and officials on site.


PREMIER LEAGUE ONLY: Mandatory filming of games at the Bantam, Junior Varsity and Varsity level is to be the home teams’ responsibility. Home teams will be required to upload game films to the DROPBOX within 48 hours of the game.


PREMIER LEAGUE ONLY: Each team will provide statistics for each game. Statistics must be entered on the website by Monday 12:00 midnight of the coming week. Teams must use the approved format when submitting statistics.

After the stats are entered retain your work sheets. The DIVISIONAL DIRECTOR may review these work sheets for accuracy if there are any questions about the statistical numbers posted.


Premier Division

  • Each team will provide an individual that shall be designated as the teams “Athletic Therapist” for the game. This person must meet the minimum requirements as outlined by the OFA / Football Canada.
  •  If one team’s “Athletic Therapist” is unavailable or late they must make arrangements with the opposing team to “share” the services of the “Athletic Therapist”.  Please note the team without the “Athletic Therapist” will now become responsible for the fee of the “Athletic Therapist”.
  • If both teams have no medical person there is no game.

Regional Rep

  • Home Team will provide an individual that shall be designated as the teams “Athletic Therapist” for the game. This person must meet the minimum requirements as outlined by the OFA / Football Canada
  • Visiting team is permitted and encouraged to provide their own “Athletic Therapist”
  • If both teams have no medical person there is no game.

Reporting Incidents:

  1. The OFA has a special incident report form for all members to use in the event of an incident at an OFA sanctioned football event. Please use this form (available from our website under “FORMS”) in the event of an incident (example, injured player, physical and non-physical altercations with a player, coach, volunteer, official or parent).
  2. The Incident Report form should be kept for your records. The form is an important to retain whether a claim is being submitted to the insurance company or not. This information is very important if a claim should be taken to the courts. 


In the case of a suspended game due to curfew or weather, the game shall be deemed official and recorded after the completion of three (3) quarters.

If three quarters have not been played to completion the game will be suspended and the following process will be exercised:

  1. The Regional Director will exhaust every effort to reschedule the game considering economic and logistical considerations. He shall contact the Home team and attempt to reschedule the suspended game at a time in place he/she feels the game can resume to meet schedule demands. Once a game is suspended the exact time and score will be recorded and the game will resume at the next scheduled time.
  2. If a game cannot be rescheduled due to time, schedule limitations, financial expenditures or limitations, the Executive Vice-President may, at his discretion after conferring with the Regional Director and/or teams, award 1 point to each team if suspended prior to the completion of the third quarter. 

Teams awarded wins from defaulted games will be awarded a 6 to 0 score.


The home or visiting team may request compensation (out of pocket expenses) for any game that is cancelled with less than 5 days’ notice. The request for compensation must be submitted to the OPFL Executive Council for approval and the expenses if approved will be paid by the team that cancels the game.


A player ejected from the game may not return to the playing field and may not play in the team’s next league or playoff game. If the ejection occurs, he is to remain on the bench with his helmet and shoulder pads removed unless otherwise directed by the officials. Further sanctions will be issued if the expelled player is involved in any altercation during or after the game. Please make note of suspensions on game day roster.

A coach ejected from the game must leave the sideline area and proceed to the dressing room or leave the park immediately. While serving a suspension, a coach may not attend his teams next scheduled regular season or playoff game.

Any player, coach or team official ejected from a game is automatically suspended from participating in the next game in any capacity and may be subject to further disciplinary action pending league review. 

No appeals of game ejections are allowed.


Helmet radios of any kind are not allowed. No player is allowed to have a helmet communication device of any sort installed in their helmet or on their person.

Coach to coach radios are the responsibility of individual teams and may only be used in Bantam, Junior Varsity and Varsity divisions.


Players, coaches, and team staff are to conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner always.

A player receiving any combination of three personal fouls/objectionable conduct penalties in a game is to be ejected.

Helmets must be worn and not carried during the after-game handshake.

The Head Coach is responsible for his team, during and after games and is therefore open to discipline by the Executive Vice-President.

Any incidents occurring outside the game (skirmishes before or after the game) are to be reported to the Regional Director within 24 hours of the end of the game so that disciplinary action may be taken if necessary.

Conduct unbecoming a coach or team official is grounds for ejection. If ejection occurs, he is not to remain on the playing field or in the bench area and must leave the park. Further sanctions and or penalties can be issued to the coach or team official by the Executive Vice-President depending on the severity of the infraction.


Division Win                       3 pts  --  (only in Premier Divisions)

Cross-Over Win                 2 pts.

Overtime Loss                   1 pt.

Tie                                          1 pt.

Loss                                       0 pts.



1.Head to Head

2.Divisional Record

3.Strength of Losses

  1. Coin Toss

        * When there is a three way tie the process will continue until 1 team is removed. The process will then start again from step one.


The teams will be ranked in the playoffs and keep this ranking throughout the playoffs (higher rank will determine home team advantage).

Playoff Structure Option for 8-10 Teams:

        All 8 teams make the playoffs and are seeded 1 thru 8 based on standings.

                Week One – Elimination Round:

                1st place will host 8th place            2nd Place will host 7th place

                3rd place will host 6th place           4th place will host 5th place

                Week Two – Semi-Final

                Game 1: Highest Remaining seed winner will host the lowest remaining seed winner

                Game 2: 2nd Highest remaining seed winner will host 3rd highest remaining seed winner


                Winner of Game 1 vs Winner of Game 2


Playoff Structure Option for 10-16 Teams:

        Divisional Format – Top 4 teams in each division in playoffs

                Week One: Division Semi-Final

                1st place will host 4th place            2nd place will host 3rd place


                Week Two: Division Final

                Highest remaining conference seed winner will host the lowest remaining conference seed winner

                Championship: The two Division winners will play for the League Championship

Playoff Structure Less than 8 Teams: TBD each season based on division


Administration Rules and Guidelines

Appeals of Administration Rules and Guideline are to subject to the following process:

  1. Club Governors may file an appeal submission defining the grounds for appeal and supporting evidence via email to the Executive Vice-President.  The Executive Vice-President will review the submission and inform the Club Governor of his decision based on the submission.
  2. A final appeal may be made by the Club Governor to League Executive Council, along with a fee of $250.00.  The President will chair an Appellate Committee consisting of three Executive Council members, with the exception of the Executive Vice-President, to review the complete process, submission of evidence, past verdicts and any new evidence provided.  The three Executive members will issue a final verdict.  In the event of a tie vote the President will vote to break the tie.  The decision of the Appellate Committee will be FINAL.

Game Appeals

Game related issues are appealable by the following process:

  1. A written submission from the TEAM MANAGER clearly defining the grounds for appeal and supporting evidence is to be sent via email to the EXECUTIVE VICE-PRESIDENT within 48 hours of the game scheduled start time. The Executive Vice-President will review the process and submission and issue a statement of decision.  The Executive Vice-President may use any means at his discretion to investigate the submission and render a verdict.
  2. A final appeal may be made by the Club Governor to League Executive Council, along with a fee of $250.00.  The President will chair an Appellate Committee consisting of three Executive Council members, with the exception of the Executive Vice-President, to review the complete process, submission of evidence, past verdict and any new evidence provided.  The three Executive members will issue a final verdict.  In the event of a tie vote the President will vote to break the tie.  The decision of the Appellate Committee will be FINAL.


  • Head Coach Ejection = -2
  • Asst. Coach or Staff Member Ejection = -1
  • Player Ejection = -1
  • Team has > 10 OC’s in season = -2
  • Team has 0 OC’s in Season = +1
  • Club using illegal player = -5
  • Illegal Use of Communication Equipment = -5 (Coach Suspension)
  • Violations of Sportsmanship Standards 2nd Incident = -1
  • Violations of Code of Conduct = 0 thru -5
  • Any other acts not becoming of the OPFL (Commissioner Discretion) = 0 thru -5
  • Rosters not submitted on time 2nd Violation = -1
  • Stats not submitted on time 2nd Violation = -1
  • Film not posted on time 2nd Violation = -1

Club Championship Summary:

Teams will be ranked by combination of total points earned based on all teams records in Premier Division. Teams will also be assigned demerit/merit points for various infractions or rewarded activities. At the end of the year there will be a Champion Club and all teams will be ranked with awards to be defined each season.


In the event, there is a 40-point differential or greater in the final score each teams Head Coach is required to complete a game review and submit to the Executive Vice-President within 48 hours.  The report will not affect the outcome of the game result.

The Head Coaches will provide a summary of why there was such a differential in score. Coaches are asked to reflect on playing conditions, competitive nature of opposition, injuries, penalties, attitudes, and any other applicable issue as it related to the game.

The reports will be analyzed by the Executive Vice-President and the Coaches Council as part of the process of competitive reviews, rules and policies of the league for future development.